The First Venture DAO in Korea
Komm DAO is the K-ommunity and gateway through which global Web3 companies succeed in the Korean market. Our mission is to empower the Web3 ecosystem through community-driven investment and collective excellence.

We aim to become the leading K-ommunity and K-ollective of gurus in the Web3 space, with members offering unique talent and insights, and Web3 companies excelling in Korea. Our members bring their passion and skills, exchange ideas, and execute investments, in turn, democratizing access to private markets.

Our 4 guiding principles shape our actions and decisions in everything we do:

  1. Crypto native and Web3 focused
  2. Curated for the Korean market
  3. Decentralized
  4. Mainstreaming of Private market

We are a K-ollective of the top 10% of researchers, marketers, operators, developers, designers, and investors. Leveraging kollectivism, DAO members discover startups with high potential and invest their capital and talents. Members collaborate with Web3 companies around the world and can be rewarded with tokens for their contributions.

We invest along with top performing VCs